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Startup Stories

Start-Up Stories – Worker Bee

Worker Bee are bringing awesome tea & coffees to people across Manchester and giving to charity whilst they do it!

Startup Stories

Start-Up Stories – Lixir Tonic

Lixir Tonic is a range of all-natural flavoured tonic waters. The idea developed over a couple of years when Jordan my business partner and I noticed that whilst there were loads of flavoured spirits, in particular gin, the same couldn’t be said for mixers.

Startup Stories

Start-Up Stories – Muscle Moose

Ever wanted a delicious energy drink but couldn’t find a sugar free one that hit the spot? Or wanted tasty products full of protein? Muscle Moose has you covered and we’re very excited to say that they’re the star of this week’s instalment of ‘Start-Up Stories’. Here’s what the owner and director, Claire Harper, had to say around all things, Muscle Moose!