worker bee

with Georgia Farrugia, Project Manager

Worker Bee are bringing awesome tea & coffees to people across Manchester and giving to charity whilst they do it! Check out what Georgia Farrugia, Project Manager, had to say about Worker Bee!

So, tell us, what is Worker Bee all about?

Worker Bee is about giving back to our local community through each case of tea and coffee sold into our venues.

“We donate 10% of our wholesale price to We Love MCR (The Lord Mayors Charity) and Forever Manchester.”

We are also aiming to raise the standards in the tea and coffee industry by providing a barista trainer for new venues and ensuring coffee equipment is of high spec.

You’ve had an awesome product launch, what were the pitfalls of setting up an event like that?

Time! We did initially aim to launch before Christmas, but with getting ready to crowdfund on Indiegogo and planning such a huge launch we pushed the date back. This worked out well in the end, as we have had a great success with PR and I think before Christmas could have proved a challenge.

What’s been your most rewarding moment so far?

The launch – seeing it all come together and the fantastic feedback on the branding and the quality of the products. Knowing how much people are enjoying the products is a big pat on the back and shows passion and dedication pays off!

Why did you choose the crowdfunding route?

We wanted Worker Bee to be a consumer-focused brand, not just a supplier to coffee shops. Crowdfunding is about the story and we have a strong story to tell with our link to two charity partners. The idea behind the Indiegogo campaign was to show consumers in getting behind a concept of giving back and supporting your local coffee shop, you also get to help a cause down the road.

What awesome products does Worker Bee create?

We offer two fabulous teas with a twist! Our Sri Lankan black tea has a twist of liquorice and turmeric and the Rooibos infusion is mixed with rose and orange. We also have three coffees, a Speciality Single Origin Colombian coffee and a Pure Arabica coffee which also comes in decaf.

“All our products are named after Mills in the city, with a little story behind each one on the pack.”

In addition to our tea and coffee range, we have a range of reusable mugs, personalised mugs and coasters, and umbrellas, all of which are available on our website.

Worker Bee is very innovative, what can you tell us about your game-changing re-usable coffee mugs?

Our reusable coffee mugs are an innovative concept. The mugs are designed to have a chip inside the lid. As the UK technological market evolves within the coffee industry

“Each of the charities supports a variety of different issues from homelessness to enabling families with disabled children to go on holiday.”

They also do a lot of work in disadvantaged areas and fund community projects to bring people together, improve mental health and the well-being of individuals.

What does the future hold for Worker Bee

We have launched our 100 club, meaning we currently have Worker Bee open for 100 venues to sign up. Our current focus is on filling our 100 club with great quality venues who are passionate about serving tea and coffee. We have also been looking at some other drinks and have a few exciting new products in the pipeline for the coming year.

If you’re a venue looking to give back and get some awesome products, sign up to Worker Bee’s 100 club! And don’t forget to check out their website here!