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Startup Stories

Start-Up Stories – Lixir Tonic

Lixir Tonic is a range of all-natural flavoured tonic waters. The idea developed over a couple of years when Jordan my business partner and I noticed that whilst there were loads of flavoured spirits, in particular gin, the same couldn’t be said for mixers.

Startup Stories

Start-Up Stories – Th1rst Drinks

Th1rst is a functional flavoured water with ingredients including Ginseng, Essential Amino Acids and B Vitamins, designed to promote the body’s normal energy-yielding metabolism without the spikes and crashes of sugar and caffeine and typical energy drink ingredients.

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Startup Stories

Start-Up Stories – Ugly Drinks

Here’s the first of our ‘Start-Up Stories’ series. I caught up with Hugh, co-founder of one of the most awesome drinks companies out there; Ugly Drinks.