How To Manage A Power Gap In Your Organisation

A power gap exists between a leader and their staff, this can cause a wedge between employees and management. Larger power gaps result in isolation and can cause the organisation to deteriorate.

Your power gap is too large if

  • Your surprised by news from staff
  • Employees don’t seem to care about the business
  • Employees are disengaged at work
  • Productivity at work
  •  Internal initiatives frequently fail

You have a lower power gap if

  • Feedback from your employees positive and negative
  • Open door policy which is recognised by all members of staff
  • Engaged staff and work/volunteer to lead initiatives
  • Staff feel empowered
  • Goals are understood by the team

How do you lower the power gap?

  • Listen to employees at every opportunity
  • Build a system to collect feedback
  • Encourage a open door culture
  • Publishing a monthly newsletter that describes past and future activities
  • Flatten out your leadership hierarchy
  • Meet monthly with your whole organisation, to discuss progress

When your power gap is perceived as small this doesn’t mean you don’t have a disconnect between leadership and your organisation, in most cases you can always keep trying to shrink your power gap.

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