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Start-Up Stories – Humble Acre

Humble Acre are on a mission to give kids a quick, nutritional breakfast and they’re succeeding! This time we spoke…

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Start-Up Stories – Griddle

In this installment of Start-Up Stories we got the low-down on Griddle from founders Ella Harland and Sophie McGregor. Griddle…

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Start-Up Stories – Fix8

Kombucha is quickly becoming one of the most popular drinks in the UK, with new and innovative products appearing in…

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Start-Up Stories – VITHIT

Innovation in the drinks industry is at an all-time high. An awesome Start-Up at the forefront of this is VITHIT….

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Start-Up Stories – Nutrilicious

In this chapter of Start-Up Stories, we got to chat to Amit Mansigani, Co-Founder at Nutrilicious. They’re an awesome start-up…

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Start-Up Stories – Dr Will’s

Dr Will’s: A pioneer in the sauce industry. We’re excited to say that they are in the spotlight of this…

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Are We Too Reliant On Packaged Food?

According to recent data, it is said that the UK eats four times as much packaged food compared to fresh…

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Is the UK Missing the Mark on Salt Reductions?

Every year ‘the hidden killer’ causes 14,000 deaths according to health campaigners. Too much salt can cause health risks such…

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The war on sugar continues to intensify!

In the past few months, sugar has been continually in the news. Some startling news came out recently, with a…

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Will the sugar tax be extended beyond soft drinks?

Sugar has been hitting the headlines a lot recently. The National Obesity Forum and the Public Health Collaboration have called…

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