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Chilled Food Specialist

15+ Years Experience

This candidate is a

"A chilled foods specialist with a track record in developing direct reports, turning around problematic or under performing accounts and securing new business within those accounts. "

Customer Experience

Category Experience

The Numbers

£ 0 m+
P/L Responsibility
Direct Reports

Key Achievements

People Management

Had one direct report promoted and 2 on the verge of promotions.

Account Management

Secured 3 year contract sole supply on one category worth £30m.

Business Development

Delivered a 12 month £110m contract extension, 100% Sole Supply.

What are they looking for?

They are looking for a role within the Top 4 grocery customers or Discounters with man management of a team.

What can they bring to the table?

They specialise in taking over problematic or under performing accounts as well as a track record in developing people through the business and securing them internal promotions.

Long Term Plans

They are looking to be at commercial director level with a team of 5+, setting the long term strategies for multiple sites.

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