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Superb SNAM

13 Years Experience
South East

This candidate is a

"This candidate’s drive and ambition is sure to make an impact within any organisation they join! "

Customer Experience

Category Experience

The Numbers

£ m+
P/L Responsibility
Direct Reports

Key Achievements


negotiated and secured a national listing in Superdrug for 5 product lines (600+ stores) and 2 further product lines (550+ stores).


Leadership of a team of 3 direct reports, one account exec a JNAM and a NAM which includes regular 121’s and annual and mid-year reviews.

Business Development

Secured a total of 6,000 stores added and 13,500+ product facings, which helped to drive Bounce to its £20m target by 2018.

What are they looking for?

They’re looking to join a well-established company that has a clear structure for progression.

What can they bring to the table?

As well as knowledge and expertise, this candidate will bring that ‘challenger brand’ mindset that’s often hard to come by.

Long Term Plans

This candidate knows what they want and that is to work themselves up to top!

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