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Incredible High Street NAM

9 Years Experience

This candidate is an

"This top notch non-food NAM is used to a lot of responsibility and spinning multiple plates at the same time, whilst delivering great results across the board. "

Customer Experience

Category Experience

The Numbers

£ m+
P/L Responsibility
YoY Increase in Large Discounter

Key Achievements


Fully overhauled range of products from supply chain to promotions and launched it to the market.

Account Management

They grew one of their largest hard discounter accounts into +75% YoY growth.

Business Development

Launched the newest range of NPD into 100% of their accounts.

What are they looking for?

They are looking for an exciting new challenge in the world of branded FMCG with a fast paced and exciting business where they can really make a difference.

What can they bring to the table?

They have some great account experience across both high street and grocery retail with some impressive achievements to match. Having worked in both big and small businesses they have a broad commercial understanding.

Long Term Plans

They are looking to move into a SNAM position in a well established business where they can continue their development and eventually grow their own team.

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