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Sweets Senior Brand Manager

15+ Years Experience

This candidate is a

"A phenomenal Senior Marketing & Brand manager who has significantly raised the profile of multiple brands within the confectionery sector. "

Category Experience

The Numbers

£ 0 m
Brand Responsibility

Key Achievements

Brand Growth

Propelled the brand from 7th to 2nd largest sugar confectionery brand in UK.

Brand Development

Grew one brand by +45% over last 2 years.

NPD Launch

Launched 7 new products generating £+5m turnover in 2018.

What are they looking for?

They're looking for a Senior Marketing role with team management within the branded snacking arena.

What can they bring to the table?

They have a keen eye for consumer trends and recently converted one brands processing to ensure they became vegan friendly.

Long Term Plans

They eventually want to manage a cross functional team where they can implement long term 3-5 year brand strategies.

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