with Lucy Dolan, Founder

Innovation in the Tea industry is at an all-time high and ZIGZAG Tea are at the forefront of it! We got to speak to the founder, Lucy Dolan, about all things tea! She gives an inside look on a proper brew, her first sale and how she switches off…  

So, what is ZIGZAG Tea?

ZIGZAG TEA is a range of all-natural botanical blends and single-origin whole leaf tea that allow you to “make space” for balance and connection in our busy hectic lives.  We focus on three main areas; balance, community and connection.

What makes you different from the rest, why should people choose ZIGZAG Tea?

All of our unique botanical infusions are 100% natural with no flavourings, perfume or scents added. We use whole herbs, flowers, fruit pieces, whole leaf tea – nothing else – offering a truly authentic taste and aroma.

Why did you decide to start a business? Was it what you expected?

I’ve always wanted to have my own business from a young age, but the desire to work with tea came about when I went on a study trip across China as part of my Masters’ degree in East Asian Art.  It was there that I experienced some of the world’s finest teas (various Pu-erh’s, White teas, Oolongs, Jasmine and very fresh green teas) which allowed me to begin to appreciate what ‘real’ tea was and the cultural history behind it.

“At the same time, however, it also made me realise how underappreciated and misunderstood tea was in the West.”

I felt first off we needed to improve the quality of the tea we drink everyday here, as well as learn about how to be more present when we drink it to help us savour the taste, benefit from a moment of calm (mentally and physically) and also to connect with others over tea (away from the laptops and phones). I think this is all really powerful and needed in today’s hectic environment, the need for balance and genuine connection… So far, I have to say yes it has been what I expected, lots of ups and downs and lots of learning, but I absolutely love it.  

Where do you see the Tea industry going in 2019?

I see further growth in consumer’s becoming more aware appreciative of whole leaf tea and herbal blends not only for the improvement in taste, but their health benefits both physically and mentally

Being a founder must be quite stressful, how do you switch off?

Haha I feel like I should say something other than tea, but I do love sitting down at about 5pm with a bowl of tea.  It allows me to reflect on the day and I often end up having a few aha! moments. Aside from tea I enjoy tag rugby, sailing, cycling and walking – there’s nothing like taking a walk in the woods or by the sea.

What’s been the most rewarding moment so far for you?

I feel there has been many small rewarding moments everyday (as well as a lot of difficult moments) but

“I think it’s important to be conscious of the smallest rewarding moments to the biggest”

as this is what keeps you going and allows you to reflect on your efforts to-date.  Most rewarding so far…one of London’s top chefs served our Coconut Chai at Wimbledon Championships in 2017 that was a pretty cool moment.

Can you remember the first sale you made? What happened?

I do! I even have a picture of them.  It was a group of guys from France at our very first market stall at Truman Breweries, Brick Lane (Feb 2015) – thank-you whoever you are! 🙂

Who should be drinking ZIGZAG Tea?

People looking to bring more balance in their lives.  We’ve become overly dependent on coffee as a nation (there’s nothing wrong with a delicious coffee now and again though) and so use tea not only to improve the taste of their current tea offering or but to also try an innovative and healthy caffeine-free blend to keep them going throughout the day.

Where can people find your tasty tea?

We are in over 200 independent stockists across London, working with some of the very best cafes, restaurants, offices and hotels who really care about every aspect of their food and drink offering as well as offer something of quality and a bit different.  We try to always seek those with strong community input as well, those that give back in some way to the local community.

What’s next for ZIGZAG Tea?

Looking to keep growing and connecting with others!

ZIGZAG Tea are doing amazing and we can’t wait to see what’s next for them! If you want to know more about their delicious premium teas then check out their website here.