duke energy

with Nick, Director of Operations

Healthy Energy Drinks. Not a phrase you’d usually expect, big names like Relentless and Rockstar might taste great, but ‘healthy’ isn’t exactly what you’d call them. So, let me introduce to you, Nick Fratini of Duke Energy. A brand that’s bringing 100% natural energy drinks to consumers. 

Tell us, who are Duke Energy?

DUKE Energy Drinks are a young, vibrant innovative drinks brand that have identified an opportunity in the Energy category with emerging trends for Innovative products using Natural ingredients. Using only 100% Natural ingredients we set out to harness, enjoy and celebrate nature’s pure energy.

With heavy hitters like Monster and Red Bull, what made you want to join the energy drink market?

We originally started distributing an energy drink as part of an array of beverage brands.  Before long we were selling to over 3 countries…

“So we decided, why sell someone else’s brand, let’s make our own.”

It’s in that thought that inspired our year-long quest to create a range of healthy alternatives to the current market offerings.

As a smaller brand, we have the luxury to learn from movements in the market. We can adjust and innovate on top of established categories, and learn from errors that market leaders make.  We have innovation, we have a great package design, and we appeal to the demographic in the same way as market leaders in our category do….and what I say to them is watch out…we are coming.

What makes Duke Energy different? 

We use only 100% Natural ingredients, Consumers are looking for natural energy, as opposed to synthetic solutions.

“Why produce synthetic products that cause artificial stimulation when we can source powerful, energising, highest quality ingredients from Nature.”

We appeal to the mass demographic of energy drinkers, but appeal to the growing trend in the beverage market, a call for healthy alternatives to current beverage options. We also offer 63% less sugar per 100ml than our brand competitors.

We appeal to the mass demographic of energy drinkers, but appeal to the growing trend in the beverage market, a call for healthy alternatives to current beverage options. We also offer 63% less sugar per 100ml than our brand competitors.

Your drinks are all natural, how did you go about creating it?

We only use natural ingredients, we do not use taurine or any artificial or synthetic ingredients in our drinks of any kind.  Even the caffeine in Duke is natural, being extracted from guarana and Coffee bean.

As mentioned we tried a lot of flavour profiles, in order to get right and this took a lot of time, effort and money in which to achieve…but we are very happy with the outcome. We currently have 4 flavours!

Where did the name come from?

The name, like all of my brands, came to me in a dream.  Sounds corny but when you focus on creating a brand name they all sound silly, to be honest. And in the energy category, almost every possible word you think of has got an energy drink option somewhere in the world…..I let the universe tell me what to do, and it came through.

Were there any nervy moments when launching Duke? 

They’re all nervy moments, to be honest.  The nerviest I suppose would be right in the beginning…do we make our own brand? What do we call it?  How much do we spend?

“The market is so big, and we are operating in the largest, most competitive drinks category in the world.”

We sacrifice, the commitment and the persistence from day one until now has been incredible.  Every day is a new challenge which brings new decisions to make and roads in which to take.

How did you overcome the challenges?

There isn’t a playbook for us unfortunately, we learn from our mistakes, and continue to follow the brand ethos and the strategy and hope that everything works as we plan.

“Follow the dream, do not give up….persistence is key.”

Where can we find your delicious drinks? 

Our drinks can be found in the: UK, Ireland, South Africa, Nigeria, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China.  We will be coming to Australia, Malaysia, and parts of mainland Europe very soon.

What can we expect from Duke Energy in the future? 

We intend on expanding into key markets across Asia, Middle-East and Africa over the next 12 months.  Our focus is to continue growth in our new markets and focus on bringing through a new line of sugar-free options which again will be 100% natural. We have a bitter drinks line that will make a great addition to the Duke brand and hope to launch these in q3 of this year.

Our global positioning is strengthening and in order to build on this we are now engaging in sponsorships, and endorsements, following in the footsteps of market leaders.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Duke Energy’s new line and give their awesome 100% natural energy drinks a try. A tasty and healthy energy drink, what could be better!?