batch organics

with Edwin Caws, Sales Director

In this chapter of Start-Up Stories, we got a key insight in to the challenges start-ups face when selling B2B. This time we got to chat with Edwin Caws, Sales Director of Batch Organics. He tells all about convenience, food waste and Batch Organics’ delicious pouches!

So, what’s Batch Organics all about?

We make “ready to blend” superfood smoothie kits, for cafes, restaurants and, gyms. Open pouch, add liquid, blend and serve in under 30 seconds.

Our kits are made from Grade A organic, fruit and vegetables, flash frozen on the farm to lock in taste and nutrition. Designed by chef’s, balanced by nutritionists and using the very best ingredients means that our smoothies beat anything else on the market in terms of taste and nutrition.  

Food waste is a huge issue at the minute across the industry, has this been a problem for you?

No, we help our customers reduce their food waste. Each of our pouches is pre-portioned with the exact amount of ingredients for a perfect smoothie.

“Being frozen our products have a much longer shelf life than fresh ingredients which means less is thrown away.”

Veganism is growing massively across the UK, as are dairy alternatives. Who do your products cater to?

Whilst we do not market Batch Organics as a vegan product we are seeing a lot of interest from customers looking to add vegan friendly options to their range. Our smoothies blend perfectly with plant milks giving a great dairy free/vegan alternative. To be honest most people like a smoothie whether they’re vegan or not so we like to think we cater for everyone!

The fruit in your products is flash frozen, what are the advantages.

Our products are picked at the perfect ripeness and then flash frozen on the farm. This means that they have a higher level of nutrients and taste better than fresh. Blending with frozen ingredients also means that you don’t need to ruin your smoothie by diluting with ice cubes.

What are the biggest challenges when selling B2B?

It tends to be pretty easy to convince businesses to switch from preparing their own smoothies to our pre-portioned kits as they are usually struggling with stock control, prep time and serving a consistent smoothie.

“Convincing businesses who don’t currently sell smoothies to invest hundreds of pounds on a blender can be tough!”

Convenience is becoming ever increasingly important to customers, how do you cater to that?

Convenience is at the core of what we do. We save our customers the hassle of having to buy boxes of fruit and veg each week, chop it, weigh it, bag it, and then throw everything they don’t use away. We do all the prep and give them a product they can blend and serve in under 30 seconds.

Where can people find your amazing products?

Black Sheep Coffee, Harris and Hoole, Planet Organic, Daylesford Organic and Soho House.

What’s next for Batch Organics?

An amazing new Cacao and Almond smoothie kit that you can ask your barista to add a shot of Espresso too. It’s like an insanely indulgent latte. We’ve also got some incredible dairy-free milkshake kits that use oat milk.

We can’t wait to try their phenomenal smoothie kits with a coffee twist! Batch Organics are certainly going places. If you want to know more about Batch Organics check out their website here.