Weetabix Chocolate Melts

If that’s your go-to breakfast choice, you’ll be interested to hear about Weetabix’s latest launch: Chocolate Melts.

This new breakfast treat is described as being “soft centred crunchy bites”. And the best part is, they come in two flavours and one of those flavours is white chocolate. Best. News. Ever!

We’re guessing these tasty little morsels taste like what would happen if Weetabix and Milkybar had lots of little babies. Now doesn’t that sound delicious?

According to the Grocer, Weetabix Chocolate Melts will land in Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Tesco later this month, and a box will set you back £2.99⁠.

Weetabix Food Company head of brand, Gareth Turner, said that Weetabix Chocolate Melts are great for consumers looking for a more indulgent breakfast or snack option, “with the added reassurance of health and quality that consumers know and expect from the Weetabix brand”.

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