Top 10 Fastest-Growing UK DTC Websites 2020

The number one brand has 1,267% Annual growth this year.

2020 has been arguably the most Disruptive year in history regarding how we behave as consumers with Covid the catalyst. Adversity leads to accelerated change & the growth of DTC in the competition for the online space is one of the many positive stories of success to come out of this challenging period.

Direct to consumer is a channel that has skyrocketed this year with most combining their offering with a subscription model to add to the attractive proposition of ultimate convenience.

Equally many of these DTC websites are pureplay only giving consumers access to exclusive & premium brands, but with global blue chips like P&G & PepsiCo launching their own online stores over the last 12 months, is it going to become harder and more costly for smaller brands to stand out? In traditionally, an area where there are minimal barriers to entry?

Like all things eCom the only way for DTC is up! Agree?

10. Trifecta Nutrition

130% YoY Growth

14k average monthly visits

9. Brigeo Hair

137% YoY Growth

10K average monthly visits

8. Thriva

139% YoY Growth

226K average monthly visits

7. Freddie’s Flowers

145% YoY Growth

185K average monthly visits

6. Bloom & Wild

172% YoY Growth

771K average monthly visits

5. Function of Beauty

207% YoY Growth

225K average monthly visits

4. Haute Hijab

246% YoY Growth

36K average monthly visits

3. Opensea

289% YoY Growth

11k average monthly visits

2. Lovecrafts

471% YoY Growth

1.1m average monthly visits

1. Callaly

1,267% YoY Growth

14K average monthly visits

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