Mastering Body Language To Build Trust

Your body language can send a message you might not realise to who you’re communicating with within your everyday life.

When creating strong professional relationships and key connections you need to be perceived well in your everyday environment.

Trustworthy people are more likely to be given more responsibility and increased independence.

Simple body language adjustments can help build trust with anyone, whether you’re trying to ace an interview or build a rapport to make others feel more comfortable.

1. A clear, strong handshake.

A handshake is a sign of trust which has evolved over the last 4,000 years. Keeping a strong wrist and shake, paired with a friendly greeting, will start your relationship on the right foot.

2. Maintain eye contact

Eye contact displays confidence and makes you more likeable, personable, and trustworthy, as well as attractive.

Research shows that we tend to see people who avert their gaze as less sincere, socially anxious, and deceptive.

3. Mirror the conversation your having

When people are comfortable around each other they involuntarily mirror the movements of whoever they are speaking with.

Be subtle and mimic movements that involve nodding, leaning forward or backward, and crossing/uncrossing arms and legs.

4. Personal space

Start with a handshake to break through the personal space bubble which helps build a rapport quicker. Be ready for instant feedback and adjust accordingly. This also depends on covid nowadays in 2022!

5. Keep the palms of your hands open.

 “Open palms are a sign of peaceful intentions,” people with open palms are seen as more credible and easily trusted. On the flip side, liars are “more inclined to keep their hands concealed.”

Become aware of what you are saying non-verbally and ensure it matches what you are conveying with your words, by noticing body language you’ll realise how you want to be seen by others.

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