The Real Cost of a Bad Hire

Nearly 3 in 4 employers (74%)

Say they’ve hired the wrong person for a position.

But what effect can a bad hire really have on your business?

Decreased morale

One things that kills workplace morale? Adding the wrong individuals.

Reputational damage

Once an organisation gains a reputation for hiring the wrong individuals, it will start having problems attracting the best talent.

Financial costs

Various studies suggest that losing a manager could cost an organisation up to 100% of their salary. The loss of a senior executive is even more costly.

Teamwork will suffer

Bad hires often don’t fit the enviroment or culture and as a result will be difficult to work with effectively. Is that person a manager? Your problems are about to be multiplied!

You could lose your best employees

One thing great employees don’t and shouldn’t have to deal with are bad hires. So what do they do? They quit.

So how do you avoid bad hires?

It all starts with a great recruitment process. If that’s not fit for purpose, your new hires wont be either!

Here’s a step by step guide to help you to Find and Secure Top Talent.

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