Being Resilient in a Tough Job Market

Getting a new job can be exhausting, especially when it doesn’t go your way.

Unfortunately, that’s just how it is. Life isn’t a breeze and you will deal with rejection, redundancy, not getting the promotion you wanted and unexpected life events along the way.

But it’s about how you deal with this which makes you successful.

You MUST be resilient. But what sort of characteristics makes me resilient?

  • Willingness to try new things 
  • Create a support network of like-minded professionals  
  • Knowing who to turn to and having the courage to ask for help and advice 

If you don’t know how to go about developing your support network, get help from your manager. In my opinion, use LinkedIn to your advantage. Connect with people in your industry, post regarding your support network, people will be more than happy to help.

Building Resilience

With practice, you can develop your processes and behaviours to make it possible to recover quickly or more easily adapt to change. 

  • Create a list where you have adapted well in the past. 
  • Asking for constructive feedback.
  • Be as positive as you can – you may not be able to change the situation but you can change the way you think about it. 
  • Set yourself small goals and celebrate your achievements along the way.
  • Not always succeeding is a part of life, don’t beat yourself up, be kind. 

Using experience for growth

Use your past experience to identify ways of coping that worked for you, so you can use it in the future to make it easier for yourself.

Think of times when you: 

  • Achieved a goal. what steps did you take? 
  • Faced setbacks. What did you do as a result of this?
  • Asked for feedback from others. How did you respond?  

When thinking about these experiences try to: 

  • Focus on how you got there, rather than the end result.
  • How did you feel, what negative thoughts did you have? This allows you to develop a more positive ‘can do’ attitude 
  • Think about how you react to and use criticism. This will help you to develop the skill that turns critisicm in to constructive feedback.

Remember to look after yourself, take regular breaks and be happy!

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