8 Awesome Questions To Ask During An Interview

As a candidate, it can sometimes feel like an interview is more like an interrogation

You get asked so many questions and don’t always get the chance to ask the ones you need to, in order to make a decision if you get offered the job. 

It’s so important to ask questions. An interview should be a two way process. Hiring managers are getting better and realising that they need to be ‘interviewed’ too.

I’ve listed questions below that you can ask to learn more about the role/company/culture;

  1. If you looked a year down the line, what would I have done to be seen as successful in this role? This is a great question to find out what ‘job well done’ really looks like at this company.
  2. Why does this position exist, what’s its goal, what problem is there to solve? This will help you understand what’s happened beforehand, and what you need to do to make a good start.
  3. What does good look like to you? Follow up with “and what does great look like to you”? This could uncover some core KPI’s that you know the business classes as high importance. Can you deliver on those?
  4. How do you measure success? Things differ business to business, success to one might not be to another. Get a clearer picture by asking this.
  5. What is the biggest risk to the company’s success over the next 12 months? Business that are aware of both their strengths and weaknesses tend to be fantastic places to work.
  6. As a manager who is your biggest success story? If they can’t name any, is this really the right place?
  7. What is it about the company that keeps you here? Find out little quirks and things that won’t be in the job description with this question.
  8. How does the business reward success? Follow up, how do you train failure and turn it in to success? If the company not only rewards success, but offers support to people not on track, you know it’s not going to be short stay – you’ll be given time.


This is not exhaustive, but it’s certainly a good start.

How many should you ask? I wouldn’t recommend asking them all – instead pick 3 that you actually want the answers to, one’s that will really impact on your decision.

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