Training courses to help you break into eCom

“What can I do to stand out when applying for eCom roles?”

There isn’t a set answer to the above question but demonstrating understanding, expertise and a willingness to learn can’t hurt right?

Over the last 12 months opportunities in the digital marketplaces have accelerated at lightning pace. Due to this explosion & the industry being so young there is a substantial skills gap in this area i.e. more jobs than experts to fill the jobs! This leads to businesses hiring those without experience who have done their homework!

Ecommerce is a highly sought after skillset so understanding the nuances of digital trading, on bespoke platforms & engaging with prospective shoppers from a marketing perspective is only going to grow in importance.

So if you aren’t an eCom guru right now but want to learn where do you go to get the ball rolling?

I’ve listed 5 great starting courses for you to start up-skilling in that area. They’re all completely free to access.

It could be the one thing that sets you apart from the rest.


Introduction to Ecommerce

This course is exactly what it says on the tin. Want to disrupt the eCom channel but don’t know where to start? This will provide you with an introduction to common challenges and considerations relevant to ecommerce businesses, making it a good option for someone just considering this niche.

Ecommerce Marketing: Hubspot

This short course gives you a high-level look at ecommerce marketing and enforces the lessons learned with interactive quizzes. This is a great option for anyone who wants a crash course in ecommerce marketing in short sound bites. Although not too in depth, but a great introduction to ecom marketing.


Direct 2 consumer marketing

A detailed account from by the industry’s most progressive direct-to-consumer brands & experts. From creating strong enough brand differentiation to pull a purchaser away from Amazon to leveraging direct access to customer data to build a feedback loop that sustains growth and meets changing consumer expectations. All lessons completely free!

How to sell like an Amazon pro

A comprehensive and actionable training program for selling on Amazon. From product research to managing your business, their resource and learning hub includes over 130 videos and covers every aspect of the seller journey with guidance from Amazon pros.


Ecommerce Masterclass: B2B Sales

This course covers everything from setting up a B2B portal, back office, and PIM to digital procurement and choosing the right suppliers. It also covers account management, B2B shipping, pricing and more. This course is perfect for anyone looking to understand the nuances that separate this channel from B2C.

Digital Marketing Specialization

This free certificate is from the University of Illinois with over 170k people already completing it. You will gain a richer understanding of the foundations of the new digital marketing landscape and acquire a new set of stories, concepts, and tools to help you digitally create, distribute, promote and price products and services. On completion you will receive a certificate in digital marketing!

Ecommerce Marketing Mastery

As more companies enter the ecommerce marketplace, the competition is growing fierce. It’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the noise. “Mediocre marketing just won’t cut it”. This course includes 8 critical elements of a profitable ecommerce store and allows you to learn exactly how to write and format each page to effectively communicate your brand story & value.

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