Expected Food Trends For 2022

After spending 2021 locked indoors amidst a global pandemic, surviving on fast-food deliveries and excessive amounts of alcohol, it looks like we’re gearing up for a healthier and more sustainable society.

Questioning what unique food trends will come to light in 2022? Here’s what we see.

Veganism more prevalent than ever before

Plant-based diets and dairy alternatives are quickly coming into play around the world. 79% of people have stated that they are wanting to consume less processed foods over the years to come. UK meat substitute sales have grown by 30% from 2015 which an insight into the future for food trends.

Several restaurant chains are already expanding their product range after recognising an increase in customer demand for more plant-based foods. After the success of Burger King introducing vegan chicken nuggets over 8 worldwide fast food chains followed up such as McDonald’s with the McPlant. As veganism food trends grow in popularity Greggs introduced vegan sausage rolls increased their profits by 52%.

Now that global companies are introducing meat free products we can expect to see smaller restaurants accommodate to new demands by creating their own versions of vegan burgers and meat substitutes. Restaurant’s will not be the only ones making the change as more supermarket’s such as Tesco who have stated that they will be introducing a larger plant-based department , raising it by 48% Waitrose are also taking note and stocking a total of 61 vegan products which will lead the way for other supermarket’s to take on board.

Robotic experience

Due to the pandemic there was a drop in employees leading restaurants and delivery services to advance their technology by using robots and automated machines. Sakura, which is based in Manchester, was quick to the game to create an “immersive, culinary experience” for their customers while embracing their tradition. This sushi restaurant use Pudu Robotics’ BellaBot that are programmed to follow instructions by using 3D Omnidirectional obstacle avoidance with feedback and interactive elements. By seeing that new technology is accessible we expect to see this implemented into various food stores/brands worldwide.

Capitalising on Television

Movies and televisions shows are big contributors to the way people act and behave which can also impact their meals of choice. The Netflix show Squid Game has made a drastic impact on society after the sugar candy game was aired. This game consisted of cutting a shape into a piece of sugar honeycomb without it braking apart. Several people shared the hashtag “dalgona” to show recipes and their experiences playing the game making it go viral and encourage other to try it for themselves. The creator of dalgona has said that he used to sell 200 dalgonas a day however since the release of Squid Game his sales have sky rocketed to 500 a day. The impact of a small part of a show opens our eyes up to new ideas daily so expect the unexpected.


By looking at customer behaviours we can expect a higher demand for making our society sustainable and healthier overall. We can expect more restaurants and supermarkets to offer a wider range of meat and dairy replacement’s while this trend grows. We can also see a change in the different restaurant experiences due to more compatible and interactive technology being introduced.

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