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Start-Up Stories – Holy Moly Dips

Innovation in FMCG isn’t hard to find. New, forward-thinking businesses are everywhere. A brand at the forefront of that are Holy Moly Dips. They’ve created a UK first with their phenomenal dips. Read on to see what their co-founder, Gareth Booth, had to say about all things dips, start-up life and more…

What are Holy Moly Dips?

We make the UK’s first (and only) 100% natural, vegan, HPP range of guacamoles and avocado smashes.  We were tired of the shop bought guac that tasted nothing like homemade and thought we could create and market a better product – so we did!

Where did the idea come from?

Believe it or not, it was an argument about coriander and whether it should be included in guacamole recipes or not! We couldn’t buy the traditional preservative-laden and artificial-tasting guacamole in the shops and we both spent years making guacamole at home after being unable to find a delicious, all-natural and ready-to-eat variety. Having constantly faced the challenge of the avocado lottery – prepping bruised and overripe or rock hard avocados, we realised there was a gap in the market for a range with a focus on taste, quality and making something as good as homemade.

When did you decide to take the idea to market?

We flew to the home of the avocado, rural Mexico, in a quest to source the very best ingredients. We found a four-generation family-owned avocado orchard, where we produce the range by combining the best avocados in the world with cutting edge science. We launched in summer 2017 and we’re the first brand in the UK to create fresh guacamole dips using High Pressure Processing (HPP).

There are hundreds of dips to choose from, what makes you guys different?

Firstly, we use only sun-ripened avocados grown on our manufacturing site in Mexico – you can really taste the difference. What we leave out of all our products is as important as what goes in.

“No additives, no preservatives and absolutely nothing you wouldn’t put in at home.”

The result is a guacamole that tastes homemade but is conveniently available in shops across the UK!

If you could give fellow F&B entrepreneurs one piece of advice, what would it be?

Fail fast and fail cheaply. Test and test and test your products before committing to any proper expense. Two tips 1) Don’t ask your mum’s opinion – she will tell you your product is the best thing since sliced bread. 2) Don’t just find out if people ‘like’ your product – make sure you know what they would be willing to pay for it!

What is some exciting NPD you have recently launched?

We have recently launched our new ‘guac and roll’ snack pack. Combining our dips with rolled corn tortillas to make a tasty, fresh food to go option. We also have a carrot baton/smashed avocado variant and an egg halves/Smashed avocado protein pot available.

What is your favourite/most effective form of advertising?

“We’re lucky that our most effective method is also our favourite – nothing beats getting out there, meeting potential customers and getting people to try our products.”

We know we convert people easily from trial to fully fledged Holy Moly fandom – so we do as much sampling as possible. This year we’ve taken our Holy Tuk Tuk across the country sharing our story, our products and spreading the good word.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

If only there was such a thing! On a typical day my main focus will be on maintaining and building really effective customer relationships with our existing retailers and helping increase our distribution through new customers. This usually involves plenty of meetings, sales pitches, NPD sessions, promotion planning and more than my fair share of chasing down leads. I’m lucky to have a great co-founder and fantastic team along side me.

Where can people find your delicious dips?

We’re stocked in Sainsburys, Waitrose, Ocado, Wholefoods, As Nature intended, Planet Organic and hundreds of smaller stores and independent delis.

What’s next for Holy Moly Dips?

It has been an incredible period of growth for us and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slowing down. We’ll continue to grow our retail business, launch and expand our food to go options and we have big plans in food service – so all in all it will be pretty intense!

Holy Moly Dips are absolutely smashing it and we can’t wait to see where they are in 12 month time! Want to know more about their delicious dips? Check out their website here.

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