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Start-Up Stories – Noisy Snacks

The snacking industry is full of innovation at the minute and a business at the forefront of that is Noisy Snacks. We chatted to Noisy Noel, the founder. He gives his insight into start-up life, the snacking industry and more!

What is Noisy Snacks?

Noisy Snacks create innovated, creative snacks that offer a fun way of eating while using all five senses. Noise is the key ingredient to mixing and creating fun. 

What’s your mission?

We are Team Noisy. We are on a mission to lead the snacking market with creativity and noise. Offering customers a snacking solution with an experience that will touch all five senses.

You had some FMCG experience before founding Noisy Snacks, how did this help you when setting up Noisy Snacks?

Previously working 12 years in FMCG the experience I had gained, not only with large brands, but challenger brands was key to setting up Noisy Snacks and understanding the industry.

“There is a lot of competition out there and building relationships, customers and experience takes time.”

I always had an understanding of the hustle and how to stand out from the crowd has been key to Noisy Snacks development.

The snacking industry is full of brands trying to cement themselves in consumers baskets, why should someone pick up your products?

210 million people post pictures on Instagram every day with #FoodPorn! People don’t just want to eat food they want to experience it.

We offer customers a snacking solution with a five sense experience. The range is designed as a self-seasoning snack which give the customer fresh bold flavours and the option of personalizing their snack. Using noise as a mixing method to realise the flavours on the snack by shaking to mix. Each flavour is also designed with a recommended drinks pairing to help elevate the beautiful aromas and flavours in the drink paired, giving the customer a better snack and experience.

How important is establishing your brand when starting up a business?

It’s really important to have a USP and stand out from the crowd. There is a lot of NOISE out there and rather listening to it we decided to own it!

I’m sure you’ve faced lots of challenges, how did you overcome them?

From the beginning we have faced challenge after challenge and that is one of the reason Noisy Snacks was created. Setting the business up in December 2017 I contacted supplier after supplier and could not find anyone willing to work with me. The suppliers either said “you’re too small and won’t be able to purchase MOQ” or “you will be a competitor and we don’t need any more”. Deciding the choice was to either give up or find another way, I decided I would start to develop the favours first before coming back to the issue of manufacturing. After creating a number of flavours with a seasoning company, I met with a team of bar managers who work across a number of bars/restaurants in Belfast. Explaining my concept while setting up the samples, someone asked me what I was doing.  After explaining  the problem of getting a supplier to work with me, I said I was self-seasoning the snacks for now. The other members of the team started discussing how much they liked the idea of shaking it up yourself. From that moment, I decided that this would be the product USP and the packaging would be designed to make it work and Noisy Snacks was born.

“Sometimes challenges are opportunities to find something new or different.”

What’s been your proudest moment so far?

There has been many proud moments for the business and you blow pass them so quickly. Personally I was very proud to be listed on The Grocer’s TNT Top New Talent List last year as this was huge achievement with such great talent out there in UK.

If you could give one piece of advice to other budding entrepreneurs, what would it be?

I always say be yourself and make your own noise in your own way. People buy people and don’t always get it or try to tell you what you should be doing, stay true to yourself and your vision.

Where can people find your sumptuous snacks?

We are currently selling mostly in Ireland retailers and independent retail, farm shops, pubs etc in the UK. We are also selling on Prime Now Amazon, Ebay and www.noisysnacks.com

What’s next for Noisy Snacks?

We are currently going through a bit of a brand refresh, updating packaging and snacking range which is really exciting with New Noisy Chickpeas, Noisy Bean Chips and Noisy Corn all coming soon to the market. We are also hugely excited to bring out an on the go Shake it to Wake range of products. We are just starting to present to customers and looking forward to bringing a New Snacking Noise to the market! 

Want to know more about Noisy Snacks? Check out their website here and if you can’t wait to try their delicious snacks you can buy some here.

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