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Start-Up Stories – Matcha NOW

Matcha is quickly becoming one of the biggest drink trends of 2019 alongside the likes of Kombucha. But what are the benefits of Matcha? This time we spoke to Janine Marshall, Founder of Matcha NOW. They’re an innovative drinks brand at the forefront of the Matcha trend. Check out what she had to say about all things Matcha and entrepreneurship…

What’s Matcha NOW all about?

Matcha NOW is an innovative on-the-go clean energy drink. Designed for health conscious busy people who want to get optimal goodness into their bodies without having to compromise on the quality. The bottle holds the Organic Matcha Powder separate in the unique twist cap technology, you simply #TwistNShake to release into the water. This preserves the potency and freshness of the Matcha powder, ensuring its at its most beneficial once you drink it. Matcha loses its potency very quickly once it is sits in water for more than a few hours, so pre-mixed Matcha drinks don’t hold such a high nutritional value.

What are the benefits of Matcha?

Matcha is a true physical and mental performance enhancing drink. Thanks to the caffeine & amino acid L-Theanine, the energy release is very slow with anti-anxiety effects so is the perfect alternative to coffee. No jitters and crashes, only sustained energy. Matcha’s magical combination of carotenoids, vitamins, chlorophyll and high antioxidant content makes Matcha a true superfood and assists with our bodies natural detoxification process – so will make you glow from the inside out. Matcha has also been shown to improve metabolism, boost levels of the calming neurotransmitter GABA, decrease stress by lowering excitatory chemicals in the brain, and elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine.

Matcha NOW Drinks

Matcha and CBD products are cropping up across the UK, do you think the market will continue its growth?

Matcha really has grown in popularity over the last 2 years, especially since we launched Matcha NOW in 2017.

“I can’t see Matcha losing any of it’s notoriety – at the end of the day it is purely green tea but in a stronger form.”

I think consumers are now understanding what Matcha is and becoming more educated in it’s benefits and I think this is only going to go from strength to strength. CBD in addition is looking to be an ever expanding market, especially with the amount of CBD trade events that are on the increase!

If you had to pick the most rewarding moment so far, what would it be?

I think seeing Matcha NOW on the shelves of Marks & Spencer’s when we launched with them last year. It was a great achievement to be approached by such a premium retailer who saw the potential in our product.

What do you want people to know about the life of an entrepreneur in the drinks industry?

Firstly the drinks industry is a such a saturated market with new, exciting drinks being launched all the time. Every trade show I exhibit at there are at least 10 new drinks/drink brands that I’ve not seen before! It’s a cut-throat market so you need to be on your A-game to keep up with the competition and ensure consumers understand your product, the benefits and why they should choose it over other drinks out there.

How did your journey to entrepreneurship begin? Did you always want to start your own business?

Ever since I was a little girl I used to play office, pretending I ran my own business, shuffling papers around on a desk, imagining I was the boss, haha. And the post office game, I’m sure many people remember that? I used to love counting out money. So yes its definitely been a desire in me since a small child. I also was bullied at school and left at the age of 12. I wasn’t able to get into another school at the time and so I began to home-school myself. I was always very driven and wanted to learn. The intrepid self-motivation and dedication I had to home-school myself fuelled my skills to be run a business now. I thought at the time I was a failure for not continuing school the traditional way, but now I see this as being the foundations for becoming the entrepreneur I am today!

Matcha NOW Drinks

What advice would you give to people wanting to start their own business?

You are your products/service’s biggest ambassador so shine bright to your customers and let them see your vision.

“Let them feel your passion. Be prepared for knock-backs. Not everyone is going to get it. Or get you. But don’t let that stop you.”

For every person that says no, they are opening up the door for the right person who will say yes.

Where can people find your awesome drinks?

Matcha NOW is currently stocked nationwide in Marks & Spencer’s, Amazon, Harrods, Wholefoods and Planet Organic.

What does the next chapter look like for Matcha NOW?

We are planning on growing our presence in more national outlets and the corporate world, to help encourage better health in the workplace. We also are working on new varieties, so watch this space!

Matcha NOW are destined for huge things, we can’t wait to see where they are this time next year! Can’t wait to try some? You can get your hands on them here.

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