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10 Food & Drink Trends of 2018

10 Food & Drink Trends of 2018

With 2018 coming to a close soon(ish), we’ve decided to list the top 10 food and drink trends of 2018! Last year we had the joys of freakshakes, charcoal everything and unicorn style foods left, right and centre. So, in no particular order here are our top 10 food and drink trends of 2018!

Plant-Based Products: Plant-based food and drink products have made their mark in 2018. Businesses of all sizes have jumped on the trend, including Coca-Cola. They released a plant-based drink range “Adez” back in February. But, it’s not just drinks that are getting a plant-based makeover. Vivera has released an entire plant-based burger range! Plant-based products cater to the vegan diet, which is great considering the “number of people identifying as vegans has increased by 350%” in the last decade.

Low-Calorie Food & Drink: Consumers are becoming more mindful of what they’re eating and drinking, so businesses are making new products to suit. Halo Top has exploded in the UK, their low-calorie ice cream has been a game changer for some. Low sugar/ sugar-free drinks aren’t really new and it’s no surprise that lots of businesses are concentrating on this since the sugar tax. The low-calorie trend has extended beyond this. Skinny Brands have launched a Skinny lager, only 89 calories a bottle. Stats show that 26% of adults in the UK are obese, so this low cal food trend will surely help decrease this number.

Insane doughnuts: Most people love a good doughnut. Whether it’s glazed or filled with goodness, it’s hard to turn one (or 4) down. But, 2018 decided to bless us with doughnuts that are just off the scale! There are collabs like a ‘Macaroon Doughnut’ and doughnut sandwiches (usually filled with ice cream). But there are unusual fillings too. Like ‘Lychee & Gooseberry’ and Vegan ‘Rum & Pineapple’ over at Crosstown Doughnuts in London.  There’s enough to match your weirdest cravings.

Alternative Milk: Alternatives to milk are nothing new, yet 2018 has been the year for them to thrive. Like plant-based products, big names have been jumping on the trend. Innocent drinks launched a range of dairy alternatives this year and it’s now hard to find a Starbucks that isn’t stocking oat, almond and soy milk.

Hemp Everything: Hemp has managed to make its way into all sorts of products, from clothes and skincare to food and drink. It’s basically a superfood that’s extremely nutritious. Although you may be put off due to its cousin Cannabis, Hemp is genetically different and used in and for a range of different things, none of which get you high.

Botanicals: Like hemp, botanicals are being used in an array of areas. Skin care, gin, tea and loads more. Botanicals like Ginseng and Milk Thistle are two of the most popular, infusing gins across the UK. Start-Ups like Tarsier are using a range of botanicals in their gin, including Calamansi and Thai Sweet Basil! This trend is something that can grow even more in 2019, it has a lot of potential.

Cold Brew: Last year I’d never even heard of cold brew, despite it being massive across the pond. Now I doubt there’s a mainstream shop in the UK that isn’t stocking it in some form or another. Starbucks has got their bottled Fitch Brew Canfrappes in a range of fridges and some shops are making their own like ASDA’s Cafe Latte range. There are also start-ups like FITCH who are innovating this category with a range of new and unique flavours like blood orange. This is a trend that isn’t going away any time soon, with the “Iced Beverage” sector expected to be valued at £660m by 2022.

Alcohol-Free Premium Drinks: Are you the designated driver? Or just not much of a drinker? Either way, 2018 has brought a lot more options for you. So, if you don’t fancy a boring can of pop or glass of water you don’t have to miss out! From alcohol-free Prosecco “Nosecco” and Ceder’s ‘alt gin’ to Seedlip’s Grove 42, there’s no longer shortage of choice.

Vegan Desserts: Although vegan desserts have always been around (fruit being the most obvious). But now people are getting creative and making a range of delicious desserts that are 100% vegan. The ranges across the top 4 are getting bigger day by day. Restaurants and cafes are also picking up on this, creating delicious vegan cakes.

Street Food-Inspired Cuisine: The street food market is growing and becoming a normal part of our lives. Brits may once have lived on a combination on Fish & Chips and Tea & biscuits. Lucky for us, times have changed and we’ve been exposed to a range of fantastic foreign cuisine’s.

Are you crazy about these trends? Or are you waiting on the next big thing?

Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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