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Soft Drinks: Are New Recipes the Solution?

Soft Drinks: Are New Recipes the Solution?

The Sugar Tax has already affected hundreds of products. Especially soft drinks across the UK and, in doing so, consumers too. With many companies going for the ‘new recipe route’, is this really what consumers want?

Household names from Fanta and Sprite to Irn Bru and Dr Pepper have changed their recipes in response to the sugar tax. The amount of sugar in Sprite had been cut down a whopping 50% last year! But, they’re not the only ones. Suntory Beverage & Food (owner of Lucozade) have cut down all sugar in their drinks, meaning none of their soft drinks will have more than 4.5g of sugar per 100ml. Some consumers don’t see any changes in taste…

But others are gutted, expressing themselves very clearly…

Red Bull are also making changes for the sugar tax, they’ve released a new line of sugar-free red bull! This isn’t just your run of the mill sugar-free drink, they’ve added their popular tropical and orange flavours to the sugar-free range!

However, Coca-Cola won’t be changing their recipe, only reducing the size of the bottle. We all remember the ‘New Coke’ disaster, so it’s understandable that they don’t want to make any changes. Nonetheless, Coca-cola aren’t taking the sugar tax lying down. Rather than just reducing the bottle size of normal coke, they’ve added a new range including ‘Fiesty Cherry’ Diet Coke and ‘Peach’ Coke zero.

Either way, consumers and companies are having to adapt to the war on sugar. Although the tax was a long time coming. Obesity is a huge problem in the UK. The NHS reported that “In 2016/17, there were 617 thousand admissions in NHS hospitals where obesity was a factor. This is an increase of 18% on 2015/16.” No doubt the war on sugar is only just beginning and soft drinks are just the start…

Has the sugar tax affected your buying habits? Or is it business as usual? 

Let us know, we’d love to hear from you! Be sure to check out our blog on the sugar tax here!

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