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Brand Footprint 2018 – Who Made the Top 10?

Brand Footprint 2018 – Who Made the Top 10?

The results are in! Kantars Worldpanel’s Footprint ranking has been published, showing us the top UK FMCG brands that consumers just can’t get enough of! So, who are the heavy hitters that made it into the top ten? Who scored the highest Consumer Reach Points?

10. Birdseye – CRP (M) 178 (-1%) – Birdseye have firmly cemented themselves as a quintessentially British brand and prop up this years top 10, even though they have seen a 1% decline this year. Testament to their stature in British food and drink. What’s on Birdseye’s agenda to shift this decline?

9. Dairy Milk – CRP 186 (+3%) – A household favourite, Dairy Milk has enjoyed some solid growth and was chosen 3% more than last year. Along with McVities, the fastest growth in the top 10.

8. Coca-Cola – CRP 208 (+2%) – As expected, drinks heavyweight Coca-Cola is the number 1 drinks brands in the UK, and makes it into the top 10. However, when it comes to global ranking Coca-Cola is the most chosen product in the world – for the sixth year running!

7. Muller – CRP 229 (-1%) – Muller make the top 10 as the number 1 dairy company chosen by consumers and, similar to Birdseye, make the top 10 even after a 1% decline. Will there be some new innovations coming from the Muller team to turn this around?

6. Kingsmill – CRP 257 (-15%) – Kingsmill look to have had a challenging year, suffering a decline of 15%, the biggest drop in the top 10. On top of that, they’ve slid down 3 places from last year and watched their competitor take the number 1 spot.

5. Walkers – CRP 264 (-1%) – Walkers have a solid place at number 5, despite a slight decline of 1%. Although, Walkers have always found a way to triumph, they’re still a household name 70 years on!

4. McVities – CRP 291 (+3%) – Along with Dairy Milk, McVities is the highest growing brand in this years top 10. One clear reason for this increase is the very successful launch of their newest product, ‘McVitie’s Thins’.

3. Hovis – CRP 293 (+2%) – Hovis’ third place continues to show the dominance of bakery brands in the top 10 with Kingsmill, Hovis and Warburtons all making the list. Sandwiched (literally) between Kingsmill and Warburton’s, Hovis have seen an increase of 2% this year.

2. Heinz – CRP 365 (-2%) – Second-placed Heinz, chosen 365 million times across its portfolio including sauces, soups and pastas, was bought by 88% of British households – more than any other brand.

1. Warburton’s – CRP 544 (+1%) – Bought on average 23 times a year and chosen 544 million times at the supermarket shelves during the course of 2017, Warburtons is the nation’s most frequently purchased brand by quite some margin.

Other key info from the report:

Speaking about the report, Josep Montserrat, CEO Kantar Worldpanel, explained:

“A lot has been said about the FMCG market being more challenging in recent times, and despite all this, 22 among the Top 50 global brands managed to be chosen by consumers more times in the last 12 months. Growth opportunities are there to be taken, and brands will need to dive deeper to find them because they may not be in the old well-known spots. Our data shows that out-of-home and growing channels such as e-commerce, discounters, cash and carry outlets and convenience stores are growing faster than the overall FMCG market and it is time to invest more decisively in what consumers are asking for.”

You can view the full report here: https://www.kantarworldpanel.com/brand-footprint-ranking/#/

Were there any brands you thought should’ve made it to the top 10? 

Let us know, we’d love to hear from you! Be sure to check out our blog on the rise of Alcohol sales here.

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