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Top 20 Cereals in the UK

Top 20 Cereals in the UK

Cereal. It’s a breakfast joy that gets you ready for the day, or as a guilty afternoon snack. But what do us Brits like the best? Well, we decided to compile a list just for you! Check out Logical’s top 20 cereals in the UK!

1. Coco Pops: Taking pride of place at number one is, unsurprisingly, Coco Pops. Adults and children alike can’t get enough of this popping chocolatey cereal. It’s quite clear that “Coco Pops and milk make a bowl full of fun” 

2. Cookie Crisp: It’s basically tiny, delicious cookies for breakfast! What could be better!

golden grahams

3. Golden Nuggets: Coming in at number four is Golden Nuggets. These delicious, golden, nuggets of joy are still smashing sales, despite being around nearly 40 years!

4. Golden Grahams: Another golden cereal, Golden Grahams! They’ve stolen the hearts of adults, children and teens across the UK, and still continue to do so.

5. Cheerios: One of the healthier options on this list, Cheerios, had to make it into the top ten. Made with 100% whole grain oats, families across the UK have been enjoying this O.G cereal for decades.

6. Nesquik: What says good morning (or afternoon) better than a delicious bowl of chocolatey goodness! Nesquik are a household name for both their flavoured milk and cereals, so it’s no surprise they’re in the top 5.crunchy nut

7. Curiously Cinnamon: Sweet, cinnamonny and delicious. What more could we want at breakfast time!

8. Crunchy Nut: Crunchy Nut. An absolute classic in the cereal world. When there’s nothing you fancy in the cupboard, Crunchy Nut is certainly a go to for lots of UK consumers. It’s a nuttier, sweeter version of the classic cornflakes, it took what we loved and made it 10000x better!  

9. Lucky Charms: Marshmallows in cereal, say no more! Despite being a US product, Lucky Charms have taken the UK by storm, despite being a bit pricier over here, many think it’s worth the extra pennies to get their hands on marshmallows for breakfast.

10. Frosted Shreddies: Much like Ricicles and frosties this is a fan favourite cereal coated in sugar. Despite its sugary content, it still has 81% wholegrain content. It’s basically shreddies for those with a sweet tooth! 

The following cereals make up our top 20:

Do you agree with this list? What are your favourite cereals? 

Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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