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B&M’s Big Buy and More

B&M’s Big Buy and More

There’s been huge news in FMCG as of late, from B&M’s £152m venture to a Kellogg’s advent calendar, we have you covered.

Pepsico’s Productive Profit

Pepsico are making the most of the continued shift towards healthy eating. Despite sales for their fizzy drinks become quite…Flat…Pepsico are still maintaining sales. Consumers are paying more for ‘guilt-free’ snacks, like veg crisps, meaning Pepsico’s profits are still rising. Their vegetable crisps ‘Off the Eaten Path‘ are one of their biggest investments in the ‘guilt-free’ snack industry. Financial Times reported that “PepsiCo says “guilt-free” snacks and drinks, such as diet sodas and baked crisps, now make up about 45 per cent of the company’s sales”.

B&M’s Big Buy

B&M have bought Heron Food Group! Paying £152m, B&M are making huge waves in the industry, claiming 251 Heron Food stores. The discount retailer is now looking at the convenience grocery market. The Times reported that “Heron Foods employs about 3,800 people and sells about 1,200 products including frozen and chilled foods.”

AB InBev

FMCG drinks giants AB InBev are seeing a huge increase in sales recently and within the UK they’ve reported double digit growth. This rise could be down to their release of ‘Bud Light’ (UK) in March. Bud light was already a really popular drink in the USA, it looks like the same can be said for the UK. Along with household drinks like ‘Corona’ and ‘Stella’, no one is surprised that AB InBev is continuing to be the powerhouse in the alcohol industry.

Kelloggs Advent Calendar…

Christmas isn’t coming anytime soon, but Kelloggs have planned quite far in advance for their Christmas treat for consumers, a cereal advent calendar! Kelloggs will be launching a “24 bowls til Christmas” advent calendar, where every day you’ll be in with a chance of Coco Pops, Cornflakes, Rice Krispies and more. Cereal lovers will certainly have something to look forward to this Christmas! The variety advent calendar will be available from 23rd of October at Tesco (exclusively).

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