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Morrison’s Mega Move and More…

Morrison’s Mega Move and More…

This week there’s been some ups and downs in the FMCG industry. Coke Zero is taking over news headlines, whilst KP Snacks is getting bigger every day. We have you covered on all the latest FMCG news!

Coca-Cola Are Making Moves and Breaking Hearts

This week Coca-Cola have broken the hearts of many consumers when they announced that Coke Zero is being discontinued and will be replaced with Coke Zero Sugar. This drink will have a new recipe and packaging, but people aren’t happy about it. Many have taken to twitter to voice their displeasure on the matter…

Coke zero twitter beef 1Coke zero twitter beef 2

Coca-Cola are constantly innovating their products, so it isn’t a shock they’re doing it with Coke Zero. Hopefully, this won’t be a repeat of the ‘New Coke’ disaster as some fear. Some are hopeful that this change may be a good thing, and that Coca-Cola will only make this great product better!

Dairy Milk Are Bringing Back a Fan Favourite

Unlike Coca-Cola, Dairy Milk consumers are ecstatic at the news that Dairy Milk are bringing back the one, the only, Tiffin bar! It may have slumped back in the 80’s but consumers are craving the Dairy Milk Tiffin. Some fans were disappointed that it wasn’t a classic like the ‘Spira’, however, many rejoiced knowing that the Tiffin will be available from August 2017!

Weird and Wonderful Jellyfish…Crisps

Scientists have invented Jellyfish crisps! A healthier alternative to your more regular deep-fried varieties, the Telegraph reported that “A 25g portion of crispy jellyfish contains just 0.5g of fat. In comparison, a bag of ready salted crisps contains 8g.” Although they’re healthy, some people may not like the thought of eating jellyfish. We don’t really eat Jellyfish in the UK, it’s generally unheard of. We may not be seeing these sold in our local supermarkets anytime soon, but we can count on scientists to continue to work on healthier alternatives to our everyday diets!

KP Snacks Have Bought a HUGE Popcorn Brand

KP have bought our beloved Butterkist from Tangerine Confectionery. Butterkist was bought by Tangerine Confectionery back in 2008 but, after 9 long years, Butterkist is now a part of the KP Snacks family. KP is no stranger to owning huge products like Pombears and Choco Dips, as well as their staple KP nut brand. There’s no doubt that KP will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Morrisons Are Turning Up the Heat

Supermarket giants Morrisons have stepped up their game, announcing a revival of their brand Safeway. The relaunch of the Safeway brand has come through a deal with McColl’s (Who Morrisons will now be supplying to). This is a huge deal for Morrisons, showing that they’re more than capable of fighting off the competition and that the rest of the top 4 should be preparing to make the next move.

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