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Top 20 Food and Drink Fails of All Time

Top 20 Food and Drink Fails of All Time

FMCG Brands are constantly bringing out new and innovative products, some take supermarkets by storm, such as the Cadburys Marvellous Creations line. But not all products are such a hit. From concept to execution, some of these products were surely doomed to spectacularly fail from the start.

  1. Coke Life: Coke, once again, learned the hard way that ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’. News.com.au reported that Life represented just 2.5 per cent of total Coke sales in the month of June, after launching in April. This fail was very reminiscent of their ‘New Coke’ disaster, a part of history no one wants to see repeated.

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  1. Colgate Lasagne: Who knew one of the leading toothpaste brands tried to get their share of the food industry? Just from the name, you can gather that this product quickly swan dived and never saw a supermarket freezer again.
  1. Gerber Singles: What single adult wouldn’t want to eat a jar of mush? The answer should’ve been self-explanatory, yet Gerber decided to branch out their baby food products to adults. As you can imagine, the product was removed from stores almost immediately after it was conceived.
  1. Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup: Similar to Coke, Heinz messed with a good thing: Ketchup. Heinz red ketchup has become an iconic stamp for the brand, but in 2000 Heinz decided it was time for a new ‘funkier’ product. This product was released to coincide with the release of ‘Shrek’, however once the hype around the film had gone, so had the eagerness around the EZ Squirt.  

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  1. Ice Cream Monster Munch: Yes, you read that correctly, ice cream Monster Munch! An ice cream flavoured crisp in itself would be unique but a company that’s well known for its pickled onion and roast beef flavours this came as a shock to consumers. Despite lacking in sales people and being pulled from production, some people are campaigning to bring this crazy flavour back.
  1. Tesco’s Strawberries & Cream Sandwich: Back in 2011 Tesco decided to bring out a new sandwich to link in with Wimbledon. Tesco scored no points with this sandwich and swiftly dropped the price, then removed it from stores completely.
  1. Cheetos Lip Balm: Cheesy lip balm. Just no.
  1. Prawn Cocktail Wotsits: Wotsits discontinued their prawn cocktail flavour not long after its release, however like ice cream Monster Munch, people are now demanding the flavour is brought back. Sometimes the timing just isn’t right.
  1. Boost Coconut: Coconut boost bars just weren’t popular in the market, having very little success in sales. People did not like the taste, although 963 people beg to differ, liking a page called ‘Bring back Coconut Boost bar’. You can’t please them all.
  1. McPizza: McDonald’s decided to add Pizza to their menu. However, this was not well thought out, with an average cooking time of 11 minutes, customers were frustrated that it wasn’t the ‘fast food’ they wanted. But it wasn’t only the wait, the pizzas couldn’t even fit through the drive-in windows.

 The following products make up our top 20:

Were there any surprises on this list? Or a product you thought should’ve made the cut?

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