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How Can Brands Compete in the Battle for Online Attention?

How Can Brands Compete in the Battle for Online Attention?

Marketing in FMCG has changed drastically.

The latest FMCG news is in! According to recent research by ‘Meaningful Brands’ “84% of people expect brands to produce content. Yet 60% of all content created by brands is poor, irrelevant or fails to deliver”. But, what are brands doing wrong?

Brands live and die on how they’re represented, and with the number of players there are in the industry, brands need to make themselves look better than the rest. However, this usually means brands spam consumers with lots of irrelevant content. This leads to the majority of sales coming from incentives (E.g. discounts). As brands are beginning to see the correlation between quality content and sales, they are now looking to utilise content marketing.

In layman’s terms, content marketing is a marketing technique by which the producer creates and distributes high value, relevant and consistent content.

Innocent 2

Content marketing is clearly working for many companies, from big names like ‘Innocent’ to startups like ‘Ugly Drinks’. ‘Innocent’ have become pioneers in utilising social media to market to their audience, one aspect that has been prominent in their marketing techniques is their engagement with their audience. They can be seen replying to almost everyone on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as constantly bringing out new content (E.g. their weekly ‘weather’ updates). They ranked number 1 in ‘Social Brands’ 100 Social brands (2012). Despite earning number one 5 years ago, they are still one of the top ranking social brands today.

Innocent 1[1]


However, it’s not just the big brands that are using content marketing, startup company ‘Ugly Drinks’ are paving their way to the top through their use of social media. They recently began using the hashtag ‘#GLUGUGLY’, and encouraging consumers to do the same when buying one of their drinks. They also created an Instagram competition, giving away some of their drinks to users who commented on the post, tagging a friend and why they tagged that friend. Like ‘Innocent’, ‘Ugly Drinks’ are constantly updating and bringing out new content, as well as engaging with their audience one to one and encouraging their audience to get in contact with them (E.g. tweeting them).

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 16.24.51

Finally, what does this shift mean for FMCG? Overall, this could mean that not too far in the future, content will be measured on their capability to put brands in baskets.

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